As a freelance writing-musician, Ryan has fifteen years’ experience working for clients worldwide as a music preparer, arranger, orchestrator and composer; and also works in demand as a music educator and consultant. Ryan graduated with a Master of Music degree from the New Zealand School of Music in 2006 and since then has forged a career working with many of the industry’s leading composers, ensembles, publishers and musicians.

While his own original music has enjoyed success in concert halls and film festivals (Cannes, Austin), Ryan’s highest acclaim comes as a music preparer and orchestrator. He has hundreds of professional credits to his name including producing music for ensembles such as the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, London Metropolitan Orchestra, Budapest Scoring Orchestra and the Dutch Radio Chamber Orchestra; artists such as Neil Finn, Dave Dobbyn and Mark Vanilau; composers such as Victoria Kelly, Rhian Sheehan and Anthony Ritchie; publishers such as G. Schirmer; events such as the Rugby World Cup and Pan-Arab Games; on movies such as The Hobbit ‘An Unexpected Journey’ and ‘The Desolation of Smaug’; and his music has been on music stands at various scoring stages including Abbey Road.

As a qualified music educator, Ryan specialises in the areas of composition, arranging and music theory at secondary and tertiary level; he also works as a consultant on music software and technology, and is highly regarded for his knowledge of music notation and the Sibelius notation software. This has seen him work at the New Zealand School of Music, University of Otago, University of Auckland, Music and Audio Institute of NZ, UNITEC, schools and throughout the music industry. Ryan also has extensive experience as a conductor, working with a variety of school ensembles as well as groups such as the Sphaera Ensemble (Brazil), Auckland Symphony Orchestra, Auckland Wind Orchestra, Dunedin Youth Orchestra and at a number of recording sessions.

Ryan has developed successful relationships across the industry and has a proven track record of excellence, creativity and as a reliable and dedicated music professional.



MUSIC TYPESETTER & PREPARER engraving and copying, editing, proofreading, part creation, transpositions, transcriptions, reductions, file conversion, printing, binding, and library service

ARRANGER & ORCHESTRATOR bespoke ensemble and choral arrangements; additional film and tv arrangements; film orchestration; score realisation from MIDI and DAWs; orchestration from drafts or reductions; orchestral proofreading

COMPOSER instrumental, choral and electronic music for film, television, festivals, shows and the concert hall

EDUCATOR & CONSULTANT experienced secondary and tertiary educator; composition and theory specialist; music technology consultant; music notation expert – available for tuition, workshops and professional development

ENGRAVING STYLING: Behind Bars: The Definitive Guide to Music Notation by Elaine Gould, Music Notation: A Manual of Modern Practice by Gardner Read, and Music Notation in the Twentieth Century by Kurt Stone.

STUDIO SOFTWARE: latest stable versions of Sibelius, Finale, Logic Pro, Pro Tools and a collection of audio tools, libraries and VSTs.

FILE DELIVERY: I provide ready-to-print digital files to librarians globally; alternatively I can print, bind and courier music to you anywhere, or I can deliver personally to your studio or recording/workshop location.

COST: every project is unique, so please contact me to get pricing specific to your requirements. A deposit may be required and for non-NZ work I accept credit cards through PayPal.



Some of my 350+ professional credits include working with, creating music for or on the music of:

Victoria Kelly
Anthony Ritchie
Jack Body
Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper
Tama Waipara
Lyell Cresswell
Wlad Marhulets
Eve de Castro-Robinson
Gareth Farr
Ross Harris
Dylan Lardelli
Tecwyn Evans
Leonie Holmes
Rhian Sheehan
Jenny McLeod
Gillian Whitehead
Samuel Holloway
John Psathas
Dugal McKinnon
Claire Cowan
Susan Frykberg
Ben Hoadley
John Ritchie
Malcolm Spears
Michael Norris
Louise Webster
Bjørn Norvall (Norway)
Alexandros Pappas (Greece)
Alexey Kurkdjian (Brazil)
Dorothy Buchanan
Scott Hunt (USA)
Stephen Matthews
Maarire Goodall

G. Schirmer
SOUNZ (Centre for New Zealand Music)
Massey University Press
New Zealand Choral Federation
MENZA/NZ Music Commission
New Zealand Qualifications Authority
Bellbird Publications
Tironui Music Trust
Radio New Zealand Concert
Auckland School of Rock
Oyster Entertainment
AK Productions
Air New Zealand
Belmont Music Centre
Music Association of Auckland

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra
London Metropolitan Orchestra
Lunapark Ensemble (Holland)
Budapest Scoring Orchestra (Hungary)
Ensemble Offspring (Sydney)
Dutch Radio Chamber Orchestra
Sphaera Ensemble (Brazil)
Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra (Beijing)
Vienna Saxophonic Orchestra
Gruppetto Quartet (Greece)
Christchurch Symphony Orchestra
Southern Sinfonia
Auckland Symphony Orchestra
Auckland Wind Orchestra
Christchurch Civic Choir
Auckland Youth Orchestra
Woolston Brass
Trust Waikato Symphony Orchestra
Southern Consort of Singers
St Matthew’s Chamber Orchestra
Westlake Symphony & Chamber Orchestras
Diocesan Symphony & Chamber Orchestras
Long Bay Concert Band & Chamber Orchestra
Euphony (Kristin School)

Neil Finn
Dave Dobbyn
Ruby Frost
Brooke Fraser
Bic Runga
Anna Hawkins
John Rowles
Esther Stephens
Marian Burns
Bluebird Avenue
Mark Vanilau
Luca Manghi
Mark and Brenda Laurent
Agnes Harmath
Richard Haynes
Andrew Uren
Gretchen La Roche
Judy Bellingham
The Polkadots
Fatcat & Fishface
Horomona Horo


“I got to hear the strings for ‘Giant of the Sea’ … sat down, played the track and cranked the strings… and all I can say is ‘Oh My God’. You are the man, Ryan. Thank you my bro. I am beyond happy.” Mark Vanilau, singer/musician, Christchurch, New Zealand.

“Crucial to the success was Ryan Youens, who managed to get the notes out of my disordered sessions and make them legible for the musicians. How I ever lived without him, I simply cannot bear to remember.” Victoria Kelly, composer. Auckland, New Zealand.

“This was a tricky job … Ryan produced a crisply laid-out and exactingly proofread version of the score (not to mention parts), which kept the project on track.” Dugal McKinnon, composer, New Zealand.

“Very nice, Ryan. This is magic … I recognise your fine orchestration work.” Bjørn Norvall Hoemsnes, composer, Norway.

“A delight to work with. His artistic input added strength to my film.” Mojan Javadi, film director, New Zealand.