Here is my collection of great resources, software and apps for use in music education, but to be honest most are pretty awesome for amateur and professional musicians too as we never stop learning. It is definitely a growing list and I'll blog about each section in due course to discuss them in more depth. I'm also very keen to hear of any of your own discoveries.


  • Sibelius - the grandfather of notation software, and super intuitive for students to use.
  • MuseScore - it's free. Awkward to use at times but it's free!
  • NoteFlight - based online - no installation! Great collaboration, but limited notation functionality.
  • DoricoFinaleNotion - notable mentions, but not most suited for classroom/learning use.


  • Touchpress Apps - a great collection of apps great for music exploration.
  • forScore - PDF music reader for iPad - have thousands of scores at your fingertips.
  • Riffstation - learn and play along with songs on piano, guitar and ukelele using the visual chords


  • SoundTrap - write, record, master your music using browser based application.
  • HookPad - impressive songwriting tools for transcription, chord selection and melody writing.
  • Chordie - Play your midi controller, and see note names, notation, chord name and the guitar voicing!
  • iRehearse - great for learning music from a recording or transcribing music.


  • Kahoot - create and play games and quizzes! Loads of music ones, or make your own. Students love it.
  • Quizizz - great classroom quizzes like Kahoot, but students can do as homework and you can get data!
  • BlendSpace - collate all of your digital content in one place - youtube, PDFs, dropbox, google drive, etc.
  • Vizia - pimp youtube videos by adding questions, polls and interaction.



  • - theory lessons, exercises and tools - GREAT for extension work or extra help.
  • MusicTheoryGuy - a fantastic library of video lessons on YouTube.