Chipping in on Out of Silence

On Friday I finished a few weeks of work preparing Victoria Kelly’s glorious arrangements for Neil Finn’s new album, Out of Silence. Here’s one of my favourite tracks, Second Nature:

These are my favourite projects because, aside from working with two totally amazing people, ridiculously good musicians, and in an absolutely gorgeous space… I get to follow through the whole process from receiving arrangement mockups, to transcribing, typesetting and preparing them, to printing and taping them, through to saying “hello!” to the musicians at the session and handing them the music. There is something so completely special about that.

This was one crazy idea. Each Friday in August Neil streamed a live recording session online, so everyone could see the album take shape. Here’s the final week where it was a complete run of the album:

This must be about the 5th collaboration between Neil and Victoria that I’ve had the privilege of working on. Always inspiring. Be sure to check out Victoria’s post on the project.

Everyone likes to see beautiful looking music. Right? Here are some pics I took along the way:

Neil Finn \'Out Of Silence\'

Neil Finn \'Out Of Silence\'

Neil Finn \'Out Of Silence\'

Neil Finn \'Out Of Silence\'

Neil Finn \'Out Of Silence\'

Oh, and if I could forget. Unfortunately Victoria fell ill before the final session, and so I stepped in to conduct the final rehearsal. What. Fun. Photos by Adrian Malloch and Steve Dykes:

Neil Finn Session 1

Neil Finn Session 2

Neil Finn Session 3

Neil Finn Session 4

Neil Finn Session 5

Neil Finn Session 6

Neil Finn Session 7

So, check out the stunning work by these super talented people.

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