Partaking in the greatest act of optimism

Good news! I have a couple of spots available for private music tuition – more details at the bottom.

“Teaching is the greatest act of optimism.” – Colleen Wilcox

I’m a sucker for a good quote and this one made me smile. As anyone who has taught will know, you’ve always got to be tremendously optimistic about the potential your students can achieve. And… it’s always great when it pays off.

Every week I try to keep it real by teaching/tutoring/mentoring around town. It’s always a mixed assortment of opportunities, over the last few months it’s looked like this:

Teaching at UNITEC.MAINZ, Central Auckland – I give an annual lecture on string arranging. This is really enjoyable as I get to share some of the arrangements I’ve worked on, and the students love analysing them and seeing what techniques they can use in their own work. This year the class seemed to have doubled in size, so that’s a great sign for them.

UNITEC, Mount Albert – I’ve been taking most of the theory/musicianship classes for the Certificate in Music and Diploma in Contemporary Music courses so far this year. Really, really enjoyable. Awesome students who are eager to learn new things.

Michael Park School, Ellerslie – it’s my second year there as an Auckland Philharmonia APOPS Composer Mentor. This is where I get allocated hours to go in and mentor some of their composers. These guys are heaps of fun.

St Mary’s College, Ponsonby – I’ve been there for the first five weeks of this term working with the amazingly talented senior composition students. I’ve also got some Auckland Philharmonia APOPS hours there so we’ve got time through the rest of the year to develop some exciting projects.

Carmel College, Milford – I have a few hours here, working with the senior composers and arrangers. This is such a wicked little music department and they certainly achieve some impressive results.

Long Bay College, Torbay – I teach all of their senior composers and arrangers, a lively department with loads of good students doing great things.

Private – I also have several private students who either come to my studio or have lessons online. AND… I’ve got some spots available if you’re interested in having lessons in either composition or music theory. I’ve got some info at NZ Music Teachers Online and you can contact me there or on my contact page.

Really hard to try and find an appropriate header image for this post. So I went with a little snippet from a Brian Ferneyhough work.

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