Shoes Extravaganza 2016

DJ? Ringmaster? Curator of sound? Find out next Saturday, 8:30pm, Tepid Baths. #shoesextravaganzaSome friends of mine have just put on a most fascinating show at Auckland’s Tepid Baths, Shoes Extravaganza.

Everyone will no doubt have heard of the Wearable Arts show in Wellington. Well this is that, but for shoes. Annie Tatton is the brains behind the operation and she asked me to be involved with the music after hearing my work with the Auckland Symphony Orchestra.

The concept of the music within the show took so many directions throughout the journey with Annie and choreographer Nansi Thompson. What a joy to be a part of these minds coming together as they crafted their vision.

I curated and mixed the following collection of amazing music on the night, which came together to make an impressive production of shoes, models, dancers, a swimmer, lighting, video projection… and music.

My spot to make music. #shoesextravaganza #tepidbaths

Thanks to all involved, it was a huge amount of fun. Maybe you know someone who’d like to register for this year:

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