Orchestrating ‘Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses’

I was delighted to recently orchestrate Rhian Sheehan’s score for ‘Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses’ – a new film premiering at this year’s NZ International Film Festival.

The film is about the 2007 Wainuiomata mākutu lifting of Janet Moses. I haven’t seen the film myself yet but everything I’ve heard is that it is an impressive production.

This impressive doco disperses the fog of shame and sensationalism to shed light on the tragedy that made international headlines in 2007 when a young Wainuiomata woman died during a mākutu lifting.

Recording in Wellington with some of NZSO\'s finest!

There were seventeen cues of varying lengths to work on and all for strings. The feel we were after meant there was a lot of experimenting with extended techniques, bow pressures, textures and so on – such fun! I flew to Wellington to conduct the session comprising of a very fine group of NZSO musicians.

Recording in Wellington.

Can’t wait to hear how it all came together. There are two screenings as part of the NZ International Film Festival. Auckland’s SKYCITY Theatre, Tuesday 28th July, 6:30pm and Wednesday 29th July 1:45pm. Full details here.

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    1. Hey Mike! No, all previously matched with film and approved so we just locked it down to the click tracks. There were often also other elements – piano and atmospheric sounds – so all recorded individually and would have come together for final mix with film in the following week.

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