Shout-out to VaultPress

I hope that somebody other than me noticed that my website has been down for a couple of days(!) There was a rather disastrous situation on Saturday night (NZ time) where I temporarily lost everything. However, I feared not, as I use VaultPress for my backups.

“VaultPress keeps your site safe. Every post, picture, and page. Every comment, revision, and setting. Everything.”

Due to some issue on my site or server I wasn’t able to restore it myself as you would usually be able to do easily. I submitted an “emergency” issue but I had to wait until Tuesday morning (NZ time) for the VaultPress support to come back online! Tuesday morning came and right on cue Brian emailed me. Within about an hour he had found and fixed the problem and restored my website.

So, I must give a shout-out to VaultPress and the superb service they offer. They say they are:

“The world’s best WordPress security, backup, and support.”

…and I think it might be the perfect truth. If you have a website or blog using the WordPress platform and your data is important to you, then VaultPress is the way to go.

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  • Thin Smek

    It’s good that we can use WordPress in New Zealand!

    • Hey mate, what do you mean by this?

      • Thin Smek

        I mean that it isn’t restricted by laws like many online services from US are. Also it’s good to have the option of joining Vaultpress even though we on the bottom of the south!

        • Yeah, completely agree. It gets frustrating sometimes when it feels like we’re at the end of the world!

          • Thin Smek

            Agree here too 😀 WordPress is great.